Pet Licensing & Permits

Anyone who owns a dog(s) or cat(s) within the City of Broken Arrow must apply for a pet license. That license must be renewed annually.

Renewals are due at the end of September each year. A three-year license is available. Please refer to ordinance listed below. 
New pet permits or renewals may be submitted in person at City Hall, located at 220 South First Street; or by mail, to the City of Broken Arrow, Attention: One Stop Center, PO Box 610, Broken Arrow, OK, 74013.


Animal Registration Form
Exotic Animal Permit Application


Manual of Fees Summary (Dogs/Cats):
Animal License Altered: $7.00 per year or $30.00 (5 year)
Animal License Unaltered: $18.00 per year or $80.00 (5 year)
(Fee waived for service dogs used as an aide to a person with a disability.)

City Ordinance

Sec. 5-6. - Dog/cat license fee, registration and tag generally.
(a) All persons living within the city limits, and owning a dog or cat, shall pay an annual fee as set forth in the Manual of Fees as adopted by the Broken Arrow City Council for a pet license for each dog or cat over six months of age. Service dogs used as an aid to a person with a disability, the fee waived if the following is presented: 
    (1) Documentation of training of dog for intended service, or 
    (2) The applicant will sign an affidavit indicating that the dog has been trained for the intended service.
(b) Provided further, any person, whose dog is a dangerous dog as defined by section 5-1 of this Code, shall be charged an additional as set forth in the Manual of Fees as adopted by the Broken Arrow City Council with each annual license issued.
(c) The city license tag must be displayed on the licensed animal at all times. Lost tags may be replaced by paying a fee as set forth in the Manual of Fees as adopted by the Broken Arrow City Council.
(d) The owner shall pay the fees levied by this section to the One Stop Center or to the office of animal control. Annual licenses shall expire on the 30th day of September following their issuance. When an annual license is issued after September, the full fee will be collected from October 1 to March 30. From April 1 to August 31, one-half of the fee will be collected. A three-year license is available to all persons whose dogs have been vaccinated with the three-year rabies vaccine and paid the fee for three years.
(e) No license shall be issued until the person offering the fee presents a certificate from a licensed veterinarian showing that the dog or cat has been immunized against rabies during the calendar year(s) for which the license is sought. The finance department shall issue renewal notices to all persons whose pets are licensed through the City of Broken Arrow.
(f) It shall be unlawful and a class C offense for any person to fail to procure a city pet license or to fail to display the tag issued upon the animal.
(g) Additionally, the licensing of dogs and cats shall be available to those persons living outside the city limits of Broken Arrow, should those persons desire to be subject to this section of the Code, for the purposes of identifying and protecting their dog(s) or cat(s) from euthanasia should the Broken Arrow animal control officer capture their pet inside the city limits.

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State Law reference— Authority to tax dogs, 11 O.S. § 22-115.