Pet Licensing & Permits

Anyone who owns a dog(s) or cat(s) within the City of Broken Arrow must apply for a pet license. That license must be renewed annually.

Renewals are due at the time of vaccination. A three-year license is available. Current vaccination record from the veterinarian is required. 

New pet permits or renewals may be submitted in person at City Hall, located at 220 South First Street; or by mail, to the City of Broken Arrow, Attention: One Stop Center, PO Box 610, Broken Arrow, OK, 74013.


Animal Registration Form
Exotic Animal Permit Application


Manual of Fees Summary (Dogs/Cats):
Animal License Altered: $7.00 per year or $21.00 (3 year)
Animal License Unaltered: $18.00 per year or $54.00 (3 year)
(Fee waived for service dogs used as an aide to a person with a disability.)