Stormwater & Floodplain Management

FountainIn May of 2004, the City of Broken Arrow began implementing its Stormwater Management Program. 
The result of a project which has been studied for several months.

Broken Arrow has joined a list of cities throughout the nation (including Tulsa) which have established these programs to help preserve a safe and healthy environment for generations of today and tomorrow. A Stormwater Utility Fee has been created to help pay the expenses involved in managing this program.

The $5.77 fee (compared to $6.45 for City of Tulsa customers) per month for City of Broken Arrow utility customers and others who have property within the City limits began in May 2002 and first appeared on utility bills in June of that year. The fee was last updated in December 2016 after an exhaustive utilities cost of service study. Included in this section of the City's web site are links to information which explains the Stormwater Management program and the fees. 

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