Cemetery - Park Grove

Park Grove Cemetery is located on Houston (81st Street), between Elm Place and Aspen, with entrances off Houston. Services performed by the Cemetery Division workers include grave openings, maintenance of cemetery grounds, showing and selling of cemetery lots, and location of gravesites. An office is located in the center of Park Grove. 

For information on cemetery deeds, however, you should call 259-2411. For information on the cemetery itself, call 259-8691. The General Services Department oversees Park Grove Cemetery, which is owned and maintained by the City of Broken Arrow.
As set forth in Ordinance No. 2985, approved by the City Council on September 2, 2008, here are the charges for sale of lots and spaces, and for services at Park Grove Cemetery:
  • Grave Space for nonresident - $2,563
  • Grave Space for Broken Arrow resident - $1,589
  • Grave opening/closing - $1,097
  • Opening/closing for cremation interment - $615
  • Disinterment, all spaces - $2,050
  • Babyland Grave Space - $103
  • Babyland Grave Opening or Closing - $103
All monument settings will be charged a rate of $0.62 per square inch.

Cemetery Information Letter
Disinterment Information Sheet
Disinterment Designation
Cemetery Ordinance