Trash Service

sanitation crew picking up trash
Sanitation employees begin their routes at 7 a.m. and continue until all routes are completed. Sometimes the work load will increase the days following a holiday and routes may not be completed until 9 p.m., but that is not the norm. If a route cannot be completed on schedule, trash will be picked up first thing the following morning. 

The city is basically divided into north and south districts.
  • Those living north of Washington (91st Street) have curbside pickups on Mondays and Thursdays. 
  • Those south of Washington have pickups on Tuesdays and Fridays. 
  • The exception is a one-mile section bordered by Houston and Washington and Olive and Aspen, which is included in the Tuesday-Friday collection schedule. 

Holiday Schedule

If a holiday falls on a Monday, Monday pickups will be Tuesday, and Tuesday pickups will be Wednesday. If a holiday falls on Tuesday, Thursday or Friday, your trash will be picked up on your next regular pickup day.

2016 Holidays

New Year's Day, January 1 Labor Day, September 5
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, January 18 Veterans Day, November 11
Good Friday, March 25 Thanksgiving, November 24 and 25
Memorial Day, May 30 Christmas Eve, Observed December 23
Independence Day, July 4 Christmas Day, Observed December 26

Dead Animals

If you observe a deceased animal on the side of the road, please call the Action Center at 918-258-3587 with the location. The Streets or Sanitation Department will pick it up.

If you need to dispose of a deceased pet, please call the Action Center at 918-258-3587 and request a pick-up. You will need to place the animal in a trash bag and place on the curb.

Landfill information

The City contracts with Quarry-Waste Management Landfill. Except for holidays, the landfill is open to the public Monday through Saturday and is located at 13740 East 46th North Street. For additional information, please contact the landfill at 918-439-7835.

Hazardous Waste Disposal
Recycling Center

Curbside Recycling


A recent telephone survey indicates that many residents are interested in curbside recycling. The City is now in the process of forming a citizens committee, that will investigate how such a program should be implemented.

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