Mayor Craig Thurmond

Mayor Craig Thurmond was first elected to City Council in 2001 and served as Vice Mayor from 2003-07 and again from 2010-12.

Thurmond is a native Oklahoman born in Tulsa.  He first became a resident of Broken Arrow in January 1977 and returned for good in 1992 after enjoying a successful career in the Construction Industry in the western United States. 

Thurmond's family arrived in the United States in Jamestown in 1699, and his family has a long history of serving our nation.  His father fought in World War II in the Navy and was at Normandy on D-Day; Thurmond followed the family tradition of service by joining the Marine Corps in 1972 during the Vietnam War; Thurmond's son served as an Army Combat Medic in Afghanistan where he earned a Medal for 25 combat saves and came home a Disabled Combat Veteran.  Because of his own service, Thurmond has a lifetime membership in the American Legion Post 110 of Broken Arrow.

Thurmond’s first experience in government came after his 15 year-old daughter was shot in the head. His daughter survived but her assaulter served only two years. Thurmond lobbied the Oklahoma legislature to pass the Brandy Thurmond Bill, which adds 10 years to anyone convicted of using a weapon for a violent crime.

Thurmond’s successes include his work alongside then-Mayor Richard Carter to bring Bass Pro Shops to Broken Arrow, the expansion of Flight Safety International, the opening of the Warren Theatre, the construction of Stoney Creek Hotel and Conference Center, and the redevelopment of downtown Broken Arrow into the Rose District. Under Thurmond's leadership, Broken Arrow has received numerous awards including the International Economic Development Council’s Award for the Best Public Private Partnership in North America for the development of the Rose District.

Thurmond's has also served on several boards and committees, including:

  • Tulsa County Conservation District Board of Directors (1997-2016) including a two year term as Chairman
  • Vice Chairman of the Regional Metropolitan Utility Authority
  • The Indian National Council of Governments (INCOG) Board of Directors
  • Oklahoma Municipal League of Board of Directors
  • Tulsa Home Builder’s Association Board of Directors
  • ArtsOK, Inc. (formerly the Broken Arrow Arts and Humanities Council) Board of Directors
  • National League of Cities Board of Directors for 2016 and 2017.  This organization represents over 18,000 cities and towns in the United States
  • National League of Cities Community and Economic Development Advocacy Committee from 2005 through 2017 serving as the 2016 Chairman.  While serving as Chairman of this Committee Craig testified on Capitol Hill during Infrastructure Week bringing a great deal of attention to the great things taking place in Broken Arrow.  Craig also writes a blog for the National League of Cities which is read by elected officials and city employees nationwide.
  • National League of Cities Presidential Election Task Force for the 2016 Presidential Elections
  • Current Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Institute of Building, Technology and Safety (IBTS), a national non-profit that provides solutions to Federal, State, and Local Governments. 
  • Tulsa County Vision Authority
  • Broken Arrow Economic Development Corporation Board of Directors
  • Broken Arrow Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors
  • Waterford Crossing Homeowners Association Board of Directors
  • Founding Member and Co-Chair of the Cities United, a group of Tulsa Metro Cities that meet monthly to work on community issues.  This organization is currently focusing on ways to obtain additional funding for Teacher Pay Raises

Thurmond has earned a number of awards for his civic work, including the Oklahoma State Builder of the Year Award, the 2015 and 2016 Elected Official of the Year award given by the Broken Arrow Chamber of Commerce and the 2016 Mayor of the Year Award given by the Oklahoma Conference of Mayors.

Thurmond is a small business owner working as a construction project manager. He lives in Ward 2 of Broken Arrow with his wife, Sandy.  He is a cycling enthusiast and enjoys sports, music and reading.  He is an active member of Life Church South Broken Arrow.