One-Stop Center

In an effort to improve customer service, the City created the One-Stop Center, which is located on the north end of City Hall. This division is part of the Development Services Department and brings together all the professionals you need to help streamline the processes of applying for permits, platting, previewing architectural and landscaping plans, getting explanations (if needed) of City codes and ordinances, registering your business and obtaining occupational licenses, and much more.

What can I do at the One-Stop Center?
At the One-Stop Center, you can:
  • pay your city utility bill
  • apply for building permits
  • meet with staff members who are directly involved with your building or development project
  • take care of code enforcement issues
  • obtain required business licenses and registrations

Permits are required for any type of structure (including mobile or manufactured houses and storage sheds) being built within the City, except for concrete slabs used for patios or driveways. For permit related questions, please contact the One Stop Center at (918) 259-2411.

Permits are also required for all signs except for those that are politically related.

Additionally, the One-Stop Center can help you with purchasing plots in the City-owned cemetery, Park Grove.

Registration is required for all trades including Electrical, Mechanical, and Plumbing. Additionally, other businesses that must be registered with the City include food establishments, taxi and massage vendors. Contact the One-Stop Center to find out if your business must be registered with the City.

Code Enforcement
Code Enforcement responds to complaints of violations of the municipal code, including the nuisance, zoning, property maintenance, sign and parking codes.

To file a complaint of nuisance violations, please call the Action Center at (918) 258-3587. Be prepared to provide the address of the violating property, your name, address and phone number, along with the violations you wish to report.