EMS - Paramedics

In 1973, the Broken Arrow Fire Department made the intuitive decision to offer emergency medical services to the citizens of Broken Arrow. Since that time, thousands of lives have been affected by the dedicated and compassionate care provided by the Broken Arrow firefighters.

In 1999, BAFD became the first fire department in the state of Oklahoma to offer advanced life support treatment to the sick and injured. At this level of licensure, a firefighter/paramedic will respond to every medical call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In 2011, our six ALS first response ambulances, supplied with the latest, most technologically advanced equipment, responded to over 6,700 medical calls. Additionally, nearly half of the BAFD members are certified paramedics, affirming that the BAFD is committed to ensure that life saving treatment is our highest priority. Combining this treatment with a rapid 3-4 minute response time, the citizens we serve will receive the most efficient and progressive pre-hospital medical treatment in the state .


Squad 6.jpgOn June 15, 2015, the City Council by a 5-0 vote adopted LifeRide, an emergency medical services program that provides valuable cost savings on emergency medical response and transportation. LifeRide was recommended by the citizen led Fiscal Sustainability Committee to provide relief for the financial hardship ambulance costs can have on our citizens. The program is one of several budget solutions recently recommended by the committee and ensures the long term viability of the EMS Division and the highest level of services for citizens.

Learn more at www.liferideba.org.