1. Bids & Contracts

    View a list of open and closed bids and current contracts.

  2. Chamber of Commerce

    Broken Arrow Chamber of Commerce link.

  3. Construction Industry

    Helpful information for construction industry professionals who are building in Broken Arrow.

  4. Design Professionals

    Helpful information for design professionals who are working on projects in Broken Arrow.

  5. Development Process Step-by-Step

    See how the development process works in Broken Arrow with a step-by-step flowchart.

  6. Economic Development

    Discover the Internal Economic Development Team's responsibilities and purpose.

  7. Forms

    Find planning, engineering, and permit and license forms.

  8. Homeowners

    Helpful information for homeowners in Broken Arrow who want to learn about the development/permitting process.

  9. Inspections

    Inspections Division information for the City of Broken Arrow.

  10. Manual of Fees

    City of Broken Arrow Manual of Fees.

  11. Neighborhood Improvement

    Learn about code enforcement practices in Broken Arrow.

  12. One Stop Division

    Check out the city's One Stop Division and all the services offered.

  13. Plan Development

    Broken Arrow's Plan Development Division is comprised of planners, project engineers, and commercial and residential plan reviewers.

  14. Schedule an Inspection

    Complete the most common steps in the building permit process online, including scheduling inspections and viewing inspection results.

  15. Surplus Auction

    Surplus Auction, City of Broken Arrow

  16. Utilities