Reserve Police Officers

The Broken Arrow Police Reserve has 18 officers, who provided 4,100 hours of public service in 2012. The volunteer Officers act as a backup to the full-time Patrol Officers thus providing essential services during special events and natural disasters. Each Reserve Officer must provide a minimum of 200 service hours per year with a 10 hour minimum per month, and must meet several training requirements and certifications.

Reserve Officers provide security during the annual Rooster Days Celebration, June concerts in Central Park, as well as numerous sporting events throughout the year. Numerous parades have traffic control provided by Reserve Officers. Uniforms, equipment and duty firearm are provided by the Broken Arrow Police Department. The department provides annual in-service training and firearm qualifications.

The Reserves have six bicycle officers who provide additional mobile security during football games and special events. They ride the new bicycle / jogging trail along the Creek Turnpike. They also assisted with traffic control for the Bass Pro Shops opening. Bicycles provide mobility not possible by a car and are able to cover a much larger geographic area than by foot patrol.

The Reserves assisted the Traffic Unit in special traffic enforcement. The Reserves have two patrol vehicles specifically for their use in this endeavor. This operation has been successful at reducing speed and reducing the number of violations that occur at targeted locations.