K-9 Unit

K9The Broken Arrow Police K9 Unit has been supporting officers in the Patrol Division and Special Investigations Unit since 1984. The dogs are dual purpose patrol dogs that are capable of narcotics detection and can conduct searches for evidence as well as suspects attempting to elude capture in open areas or structures.

To date all of the dogs have been imported from Europe and are especially selected for their intelligence, temperament, and exceptional drive that suits them for Police work. Each team is certified for narcotics detection through the State of Oklahoma and meets the certification criteria established by the Council for Law Enforcement Education and Training (C.L.E.E.T.).

The K9 teams train on a weekly basis and assist law enforcement agencies from neighboring jurisdictions in the training and management of their individual K9 programs. All of the K9 teams are trained in Patrol functions in accordance with nationally recognized Police Working Dog standards.

The K9 Units also conducts demonstrations throughout the year at community events and for the Broken Arrow Public schools showcasing the exceptional capabilities of the dog teams and promoting the Police Department in the community.

Each year the K9 teams of the Broken Arrow Police department are credited with the apprehension of multiple criminal suspects, the successful recovery of evidence, and the detection of large quantities of narcotics that may otherwise be lost, if not for the unique abilities and specialty training of the K9 teams.