No Solicitation Neighborhood

Simple Steps to Designate your Neighborhood as a "No Solicitation Neighborhood"

The City of Broken Arrow established Ordinance No. 3207 section II 7-3 D as follows:

“No person shall canvas or solicit the occupants of a residence where the premises or neighborhoods where a Homeowner’s Association has displayed a sign prohibiting such activity..."

Instructions for Homeowners Association (HOA) to become a no solicitation Neighborhood

  1. Vote of the Home Owners Association (HOA or neighborhood meeting) to become a No-solicitation Neighborhood.
  2. Purchase no solicitation sign from vender of choice at HOA expense and place it at each entrance of your neighborhood on neighborhood property (no speed limit signs or other official signs.)
  3. Letterhead of HOA or neighborhood to Crime Prevention Specialist for the Broken Arrow Police Department stating that fact.
  4. Citizens that want to participate but their neighborhood HOA has not been approved thru the HOA/neighborhood meeting or if there is not an active HOA/or neighborhood meeting can simply post a no solicitation sign on their residence.
  5. If there is not an active HOA the neighborhood can have a meeting and collect signatures of those at the meeting stating they want to be a no-solicitation neighborhood.
  6. Neighborhoods will be posted on the city website.
For more information contact:

Lisa Ford, Crime Prevention Specialist
Broken Arrow Police Department.
Phone: 918-451-8213

How Do I get a Sign?

Download No Solicitation Neighborhood Sign

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