Neighborhood Improvement

Neighborhood Improvement Officers respond to complaints of violations, deficiencies, or other problems relating to the building code, such as unsafe or unsanitary buildings which jeopardize the health and/or safety of the occupants or the neighborhood.

They also respond to complaints alleging violations of the Zoning Regulations (e.g. illegal multi-family occupancy in a one-family zone, businesses in residential zones), drainage, construction trash and fencing issues.

Officers investigate public nuisance structures or conditions of graffiti, environmental conditions, or substandard buildings which might cause blight upon the neighborhood as well as abatement of public nuisances.

To file a complaint concerning municipal code violations, please call the Action Center at (918) 258-3587. Be prepared to provide:

  1. The address of the violating property.
  2. Your name.
  3. Your address.
  4. Your phone number.
  5. The violations you wish to report.

  1. Problems? Concerns?

    Call the Action Center


    I just reported my neighbor's overgrown yard. What happens next?

    Download timeline.

Need Assistance?

Broken Arrow Helping Hands is designed to assist citizens with maintaining properties that have existing Broken Arrow municipal code violations.

Organized by Keep Broken Arrow Beautiful, the volunteer program establishes partnerships with local businesses, churches, non-profits and individuals to provide volunteer assistance to those citizens who, due to circumstances beyond their control, cannot accomplish basic property maintenance activities. This program helps needy individuals who would benefit from temporary assistance.

Specific criteria must apply to be considered for assistance, and information is included with all initial code letters.

Applicants must demonstrate one of the following to qualify:

  1. Physical limitation or medical hardship
  2. Financial hardship
  3. Active military spouse (deployed or TDY, with proof of deployment)
  4. Family hardships (such as death in the family or illness)

Information and application packet (includes volunteer application) (PDF).

(Volunteers must sign a waiver with the City, pass a background check and may be interviewed by the City prior to participation.)