Broken Arrow Monarch Movement

The Broken Arrow Monarch Movement is a citizens committee dedicated to help preserve the monarch butterfly. Over the last two decades, the population of this iconic black-and-orange butterfly has decreased by 68%. One reason for the decline is the loss of milkweed. Monarchs lay their eggs on milkweed, and the caterpillars depend on milkweed as their sole food source until they reach their adult stage.

BAMM has partnered with the Parks and Recreation Department and Broken Arrow Public Schools to build monarch waystations around town. The waystations will contain milkweed for young monarchs to grow, as well as other plants that attract monarchs and other pollinators. Citizens who want to plant their own milkweed can pick up free seeds at Ray Harral Nature Center, 7101 S 3rd St.

BAMM also hosts several events throughout the year to spread awareness about the monarch's plight. To view upcoming events, please visit the Community Calendar page.
Monarch Butterfly