City News Sources


The City Council meets at 6:30 p.m. on the first and third Tuesday of each month (except in June, when it is moved to Mondays so it doesn’t overlap with Tuesdays in the Park) at City Hall, 220 S. First Street. Council meetings usually last an hour and a half, although they can be shorter or much longer depending on what issues are being discussed. Council meetings are also posted online and on Cox Cable 24, our government access television channel.

View online meeting videos at  

The City of Broken Arrow is divided into four wards. Councilors are elected from each ward; the fifth member is an at-large member who can reside in any of the wards. Although Councilors have to live in the ward they represent, the entire city votes when a seat is up for election. To find out which ward you live in, please view the ward map on our website (QR code on back). Each member is eligible to serve four years, with elections held every two years. City Council members are unpaid elected officials. 

View which ward you live in with this Ward Map.


The City’s website is You can find meeting agendas and minutes, read about traffic alerts, sign up for email notifications and much more. Be sure to visit often and read about current news and events.


Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and subscribe to our YouTube Channel. Our social media accounts are an easy way to access City Council Highlights videos, a quick recap from the City Council meetings, which are held twice a month. 


The City has launched a new service that makes it easy to report non-emergency issues such as potholes, streetlight outages, and other concerns through your mobile device or computer. Download the mobile app for Android and iOS devices at


The FOCUS newsletter, which comes with your utility bill, is a great source of information about upcoming changes and local events. The annual Financial Newsletter is another publication you’ll want to read, as it contains information on the City’s revenues and expenses. 


The City uses a phone call notification system to alert the community about emergencies, neighborhood meetings and other important information. By signing up for notifications, you’ll stay connected and ready for any event. Sign up today at, or text Swift911 TO 99538.