Welcome to the City of Broken Arrow’s Recycling site!

Beginning in January 2019, the City will be conducting a recycling pilot program to test the viability of adding curbside recycling, a service not currently offered but recommended by residents in a 2016 customer survey.  

If you are a participant in this pilot program or want to know more about recycling and the City’s vision for refuse services, we encourage you to explore the site and learn more!

About the Pilot Programs

The City is conducting two separate pilot projects, each with once-a-week pickup. Trash and recyclables will be picked up the same day.

  • The Thursday pilot is a two-cart system (Black Cart for trash, Blue Cart for Recycling)
  • The Friday pilot is a one-cart system (Blue Cart for Recycling, using our standard bags for trash)

The pilot period will start January 24-25, 2019, and will end on May 24-25, 2019. The two pilot projects will be measured separately, and results of the two programs will be reported to the City Council for their consideration and possible direction for future refuse and recycling service.




Pilot Program Information


For more information about the City’s trash/refuse services or to ask a question about the recycling pilot programs, contact:
Operations Division – 918-259-8373

How-to Videos


On December 5th, 2017, the Broken Arrow City Council arecyclables_300pproved the Citizens Recycling Committee's recommendation of running two concurrent curbside recycling pilot programs encompassing 500 customers each. The first pilot would continue the collection of garbage in trash bags, but include a plastic cart for recyclables. The second pilot would include a cart for both trash and recycling services.

Both pilot programs would reduce pick up to once per week instead of twice. The estimated cost for running the two pilots projects is $300,000, funded by the Broken Arrow Municipal Authority (BAMA).

Current sanitation routes will determine who will be selected for the pilot, which is anticipated to begin sometime in early 2019. Please note that this is just a pilot to determine if curbside recycling is feasible in Broken Arrow, and if it is, recycling would be completely voluntary.

Broken Arrow currently does not offer curbside recycling service, and the pilot program will help guide staff, the Committee and the City Council on future action steps regarding curbside recycling city-wide.

About the Citizens Recycling Committee
The Committee, comprised of 12 members of the public and two Councilors (one as an alternate), was formed in fall 2016 after a citizens survey in Spring 2016 showed a favorable attitude to implementing a curbside recycling program in the City. Committee members were tasked with understanding the opinions of Broken Arrow refuse customers and to serve as a guide for the development of future refuse and recycling services.

Meeting 14 times between November 2016 and July 2017, the committee educated themselves on recycling finance and economics, possible pilot programs, collection systems and recycling as it relates to economic development and sustainability. Several meetings included tours of recycling facilities within the metropolitan area, such as the M.e.t.’s Broken Arrow site, the Covanta Energy plant in Tulsa and the Tulsa Recycling and Transfer Material Recovery Facility.