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Golf Tournament Registration

  1. Contact Information

  2. Payment

    Return Registration To: City Hall: Jennifer Hooks, City Managers Office
    220 S. First Street

    Regular Mail:
    City Of Broken Arrow
    Attn: Jennifer Hooks
    P. O. Box 610
    Broken Arrow, Ok 74013

    Check: Send with registration form, payable to City of Broken Arrow
    Credit Card/Cash: Pay In Utility Office (South End Of City Hall, 116 E. Dallas St.)
    Cc Phone Payment: Call 918-259-8409

    Payment covers carts, green fees, GPS, lunch And United Way contribution.
    Prizes will be given to the winning team. Prizes to be determined. However don't forget, the ultimate prize is BRAGGING RIGHTS!

    The city will forward payment to the United Way and golf course for all participants.

    Event Questions? Call 918-259-8419

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